Same Newspaper & Magazine in a digital format.

  • Access your favourite Newspaper/Magazine on any of your devices.
  • Purchase at an affordable cost.
  • Data friendly - Optimised for mobile.
  • Change of Name service available.
  • Request an old publication.
  • Eco-friendly.


Frequently Asked Questions about TheNewspaperStand App
1Is the TNS App free?
TheNewspaperStand App is free to download, but you will have to subscribe to access any Newspaper or Magazine of your choice.
2How much does a paper cost on TNS?
The cost varies per Newspaper or Magazine.
3Can I access a previously purchased Publication?
Yes you can. For dailies Seven(7) and for monthlies two(2).
4Can I use my account on multiple devices?
No. You can only use your account on one device per time.
5Can I bookmark and share content from the app?
Yes, you can. Terms and Conditions apply where necessary.
6Can I withdraw money from my digital wallet?
No, users are advised to fund their wallet for purchase purposes alone.
7What is the minimum amount I can fund my wallet with?
N100 using local cards.
8Can I pay via Bank Transfer?
Do you need a previously released Newspaper or Magazine?

We can get you previously released Newspapers or Magazines.

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